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Come visit us at The Hague Universityor our other meetups and join the conversation. We have open meetings where everybody is welcome. Or simply click the button below to see what we offer right here on our website.

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The best blockchain courses available

We offer a range of blockchain educational courses, in collaboration with leading educational institutions in The Netherlands.

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We're building an ecosystem

  • Open source

    We work in a completely transparent way. No "top-down" structure and completely open-source. participation is opt-in and free.

  • Decentralised

    We aim to operate as a DAO in the very near future. The goal: an autonomous, decentralised entity that is fueled by all participants in the BCEC ecosystem.

  • Running on cryptocurrency

    Invoicing in cryptocurrency, implementing payment solutions at companies and universities, you name it. We are spreading the crypto virus fast.

  • Community

    The strenght of the BCEC lies within it's community. We consist of around 20 core contributors, but our total community consists of over 300 members.

  • Shared philosophy

    We operate under a shared philosophy that things need to improve for the better. Not only are we in agreement of this, we also act on this. Together, we shape our future.

  • Borderless

    Born in The Hague, with a vision to spread our model globally. Everything we do is designed to be open-source, transparant and to be implemented easily in other regions of the world.

  • Shared belief system

    Community building by creating a common culture, based on shared convictions, such as anonymity, sovereignity and privacy.

  • Diversity

    Wether you like trading, building, research or just hanging out. We are a diverse group of like-minded individuals and happily welcome everyone who wants to join us.

  • Bulls, Bears & Beers

    We have an active trading floor and don't shy away from a beer or two. There is a time to work and a time to play and our playground in The Beta Lab is perfect for both.