/Mission & vision

Working towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for all participants in any economic system using the newest and most innovative technologies and economic models.


Current economic models are unsustainable. There is an ever-growing inequality between ‘rich and poor’ and our environment is suffering under consumerism and an insatiable need for growth, profit and overall personal gain.

New technologies make it possible to reinvent current models, include people from all layers of society and do so in a relatively short period of time. These models need to be tried, tested and developed further. This, of course, is not a one-man job and we believe an army of visionaries is needed to reach this ambitious, but realistic goal.


Humanity seems to be at a tipping point. There seems to be a clear understanding amongst us that we need to change our behaviour and rethink our way forward. Technology can help us in this process and in the next five to ten years, available technologies will be capable of actually providing the infrastructure for this change.

The internet was a giant first step, but full integration of our species has not happened yet. Our internet is still flawed and is not censorship resistant, resulting in abuse of power by those that can gain control over parts of it. Blockchain could provide us with a solution to this and many more problems. Furthermore, current financial models exclude a very large part of the world’s population. In the next decade, the internet, mobile phones, AI, the internet of things and blockchain technology offer us an opportunity to drastically change the way the world works and include everyone capable of owning a mobile phone.

BCEC is grabbing this opportunity with both hands, realizing the aforementioned problems can be dealt with. With a focus on, but not limited to, the financial and technological aspects of the issues that we face, we will educate and prepare people from all corners of our societies. This transition doesn’t happen without getting our hands dirty and we want to be at the frontline of this transition.