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Chances are that you have heard about bitcoin and blockchains in the past years, either through traditional media outlets, social media or through colleagues who introduced you to the subject. Most media outings on the topic focus on (perceived) negativity or controversial subjects. This has led to enormous amounts of disinformation about both blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. This is not a surprise, because blockchain is quite complex and disrupts many existing structures and it takes a long time to understand it's workings and implications without a compact information.

The BCEC offers journalists the essential information in a compat manner and the possibility to participate in our blockchain education programme. We have multiple projects that focus on education, knowledge development and knowledge sharing in order to allow authors, journalists, TV makers and for example academia to improve their work. For example the BCEC can peer review or proof read articles and publications in a 100% discrete manner.

By offering this service we aim to improve the quality of the media, papers and publications regarding blockchain technology and it's impact.

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