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How feasible is voting from our phones? How can we even begin to implement this? And what technology do we use for this? And what about our tax system? Can we digitize this further? And what is blockchain? Can distributed governance be implemented within our governments and society?

These questions have been asked more and more recently. From voting and government, to sovereign digital identity and our tax system. Rapidly developing technologies are often outpacing governmental policies. The collaboration between government and those that are at the forefront of technological innovation needs to improve and strengthen. The BCEC accelerates the underlying transition through education of policy officers and politicians.

The BCEC supports policy makers and institutions overcome the hurdles accompanied with change. We are at the forefront of technological innovation and have a strong network of experts in various fields, mainly focusing on new economic models and and the implementation with blockchain technology.

We help inform our governments, educate politicians and are continuously in conversation with policymakers so we, as a society, can benefit as much as possible from these disruptive technologies.

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