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Chances are that you have heard about bitcoin and blockchains in the past year, either through traditional media outlets, social media or through friends who introduced you to the subject. At first it seems like a stock or a security, an investment vechicle to make some money but is there more to it then that?

We, as BCEC, offer you the possibility to participate in our blockchain minor Mastering Blockchain, which serves as an introduction into this space and find out why we believe that the application of this technology will have a profound impact on the world. You can do this as part of your curriculum or as an extern who is interested in learning more about the technology.

During this course you will learn about a variety of topics, such as economics, law and IT, within the context of blockchain. You also learn to understand the terminology that is common within the blockchain, such as mining and hardforks. We won't stick to theory only however. During the course, you and your fellow students will engage with real companies that are active in the blockchain space right now. This final assignment can take on various shapes, like disproving a theory or writing lines of code that will be implemented in future protocols.

After finishing the minor, you can follow other specialized minors that really get into specific area's of interest, like law, finance, economics and IT. Lastly, with your feedback we will improve the various courses. This will not only benefit students that follow the courses later on, but will also help the other universities and applied universities that we work and share knowledge with.

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For individuals and organisations that are interested in further training and retraining from a position in a regular profession towards a position in the blockchain space BCEC offers a retraining programme.

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